Receiving the message: ?CSV017I LOAD TO GLOBAL OF MODULE mod FAILED, ATTRIBUTE CONFLICT? when starting CA OPS/MVS after upgrading from a previous release (r11.6 and prior).


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When you have the AOFPRECOMPILED parameter set to YES in the OPSSPAxx startup member and you bring up a new release of CA OPS/MVS, you may encounter errors during the start-up. Messages  like "CSV017I LOAD TO GLOBAL OF MODULE mod FAILED, ATTRIBUTE CONFLICT" can be caused by your old compiled rules.


CA OPS/MVS r11.6 and later releases.


Old compiled rules have not been recompiled yet under the new CA OPS/MVS release.


It is recommended in the Best Practices Guide of CA OPS/MVS, for releases after 11.6, to recompile the rules.
Follow this procedure to recompile your rules:

1.        While the new release OPSMAIN task is still up, if possible, visit OPSVIEW 4.5.1 and disable all the affected rules.
2.        If not possible, then set AOFPRECOMPILED parameter to NO in your OPSSPAxx startup member and recycle your OPSMAIN task.
3.        Next, visit OPSVIEW 4.1.1 and make sure the AOFPRECOMPILED parameter is set to NO. This will allow you to rename the AOFEXEC library.
4.        Rename the current AOFEXEC library and allocate a brand new one (look at the AOFPRECOMPILEDDSN parameter for its name).
5.        Making sure the new library is using the same DCB as the renamed one, copy over all the existing load modules.

Note: Before you can access the ‘Maintain AOF Compiled Rule Set List’ panel, via OPSVIEW 4.5.2, you must allocate a brand new data set for your compiled rules output. Also, you must copy all the contents from the prior release library so you can list the rules that need to be recompiled. The use of a new library is just in case you need to fall back to the prior release and so you do not affect the original library.

6.        Recycle your OPSMAIN task.
7.        Visit OPSVIEW 4.5.2 to list and recompile all the rules, of your rulesets, into the new AOFEXEC library.
8.        Make a note of the ones you are recompiling so you can Enable and Auto Enable all the affected compiled rules from the OPSVIEW 4.5.1 panel.
9.        Run some tests to make sure the compile rules are not having problems executing from the new library.

Additional Information:

Refer to the Best Practices Guide for the recompile recommendation and the CA OPS/MVS User Guide for compile information.


Release: PVLA2.00200-11.7-OPS/MVS-Event Management & Automation-for JES2