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Does the poller audit log show which user has performed changes on ehealth oneclick ?


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CA eHealth


Question :

When a user with admin rights logs into the "CA-ehealth OneClick " interface and peforms an action,  Is he visible in log files $NH_HOME/log/PollerAudit* as <nhadmin> (system user),or with the curent user name with which he has peformed the changes?

For example a user (JohnDoe) logs into the OneClick interface and runs discover process .

This action will be logged In $NH_HOME/log/PollerAudit* files like nhadmin? or JohnDoe?

 Answer :

Each person will be visible as nhadmin (system user) in the logs files $NH_HOME/log/PollerAudit* 

To know the CA-ehealth user attached with an action, You need to review "Tasks and Information / eHealth History / OneClickEH History" in oneclick.

Additional Information :

You could also refer to "CA-ehealth Administration Guide"Chapter 8 : "Monitoring CA eHealth System"





Component: EHCON