Error message when Web Director is configured (Unable do redirect the request)
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Error message when Web Director is configured (Unable do redirect the request)


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When using a browser against Service Desk URL in a web director configuration, I'm getting the below error message.

What should be done to resolve this error?

AHD04625: Unable to redirect the request Please check your URL and try again.  

A quick look at Service Desk log files show an associated error when the above error was seen in the browser:

ERROR session.c 20910 webengine (web:xxxxxxxx:4) can't get cgi_path from webdirector(web:primary:4) 


CA Service Desk Manager 17.1 and higher.


If there are multiple web engines under a web director,  that web director should have at least one of its webengines with UseDirector value set to AfterLogin.  To make sure the web engines have the appropriate configuration:

  • Locate the directory NX_ROOT/bopcfg/www
  • There should be several files with names like  *web*.cfg.  Each of these files corresponds to a web engine invoked by Service Desk.
  • To understand which web engine relates to which configuration file, open the file in a text editor and look for strings like "Cgi"
  • The CGI name associated is indicated in the value next to the string cgi, for example: Cgi pdmweb2.exe
  • After ensuring that this is the correct cfg file for the web engine you are attempting to use, in that file, search for string:  UseDirector
  • At least one of the cfg files (under a specific web director) should have a value of AfterLogin (example:   UseDirector AfterLogin)
  • Make the change, save the file and restart Service Desk to resolve the error discussed above.