How to monitoring the current anonymous users connections on the webservices (IIS)
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How to monitoring the current anonymous users connections on the webservices (IIS)


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If you want to monitor on the Microsoft WebServices - IIS for the actual current connections for the anonymous users, you can monitor the number of the session by using the ntperf probe on the Microsoft Windows robot.

This article will help you to check on the Microsoft perfmon counter if the value for the current connections is propagated by the windows OS and the probe ntperf configuration.


Release: Ntperf 2.0 and above.


In the first step you must validate if the Windows perfmon has the value for the sessions.

If you are able to see the value on the Windows OS you can go to the ntperf probe configuration.

This configuration is just for Windows OS and will not work on any other OS like Linux, Aix, HP-UX etc.

This configuration is supported on Ntperf probe version 2.0 and above.

To open the perfmon to check if the value is available on the windows OS you must go to start on windows, type "perfmon", then click on the perfmon:

After you were able to open the perfmon, check the value by click on the left side at "Performance Monitor", then click on the Plus "+" signal, look for webservices and click the plus signal, choose the current anonymous users, click the "add" buttom and click OK:

Next step is to check at the perfmon counter if is collecting the data correctly as below:

Ntperf probes depends 100% for the Windows perfmon to work correctly. In case you cannot open the perfmon or they are not showing the metrics, please execute this command below on the windows cmd to rebuild the perfmon counters. This will not cause any harm to the environment:

lodctr /R

After you have success with the Windows perfmon counter, go to the ntperf probe and configure what metrics you need, at this case we choose the metrics for Microsoft IIS.

Open the probe ntperf go to the status tab and click  on "Add Profile":

At the Profile properties choose the name you want on this profile, set the description at "Object Selection" tab, then choose the Object (in this case is "Web Service"), then choose the counter at this case is "Current Anonymous Users" and the instance is "_Total" as below:

Now you will have to configure the QoS for the value you want to monitor.  In the same windows go to the "miscellaneous" tab, then at "Quality of Services messages on" check the "Value"box.  This way you will have this configuration value for the anonymous users connected on the IIS.

If you want to monitor any other metrics on the windows perfmon you can follow up this document, but make sure the windows perfmon is ok. The ntperf probe is basically is showing the values that the perfmon can get on the windows.


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