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What is the impact using z/OS parameter ALLOWUSERKEYCSA(YES/NO) for CA DB2 Management Tools


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Z/OS 1.8  introduced a change which allowed users the ability to prevent CSA storage from being acquired in a User Key Subpool(key 8-15). A new VSM option is being added to the DIAGxx member of SYS1.PARMLIB which will either allow or prevent User Key storage to be GETMAIN'ed.

The default value for z/OS 1.8 is set to "YES" to allow User key Storage to be GETMAIN'ed, however the Default could change to "NO" in a future release of z/OS.

The format of the DIAGxx option is VSM ALLOWUSERKEYCSA(YES/NO)

Where YES allows User Key CSA to be allocated and NO to prevents User Key CSA from being obtained.


Will I experience any impact in CA DB2 Management Tools by using Z/OS parameter ALLOWUSERKEYCSA(YES/NO) ? 


 Using ALLOWUSERKEYCSA (YES/NO ) will have no impact on the CA DB2 Management Tools.




Component: BIPRF