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How can I delete a Discovery Agent from the Discovery Wizard list?


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


 I deleted discovery_agent from its robot, but this robot still appears in the list when I open the Discovery Wizard.  How to I eliminate this non-existant discovery_agent from the list?


Release: 20.x 


 To delete these entries:
1. Ensure the discovery_agent probe is deleted from the robot.
2. Open the Open the UIM database in SQL Server Management Studio, and start a new query window.

3. Run a query like:   select * from CM_DISCOVERY_AGENT where robot = '<robot name>'
    and record the da_id for the discovery agents you want to remove.

4. Run:   exec P_CM_REMOVE_DISCOVERY_AGENT <da_id>

5. Confirm that the agent has been removed from CM_DISCOVERY_AGENT

Additional Information

This procedure will also delete the scopes and credentials associated with this discovery agent.