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How do I download Performance Management from


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


What are the steps to download the Performance Management software from


Dx NetOps Performance Management


  1. Navigate to:
  2. Login 
  3. Click: Enterprise software
  4. Click Product Downloads
  5. Search and click on: "NETWORK OBSERVABILITY"
  6. Click: "DX NetOps MULTI-PLATFORM" 

Choose the version you want, but you may need to 'Search' for the proper downloads

For most configurations you would download the following files:

  1. Download: "NetOps_Portal_xxx_LINUX.TAR.GZ" - Where xxx = the version you are looking for <- Includes the CA Performance Center Installer. 
  2. Download: "DA_xxx_LINUX.TAR.GZ" - Where xxx = the version you are looking for <- Includes the CA Data Aggregator and Data Repository Installers. 

If the supported release sought is not found or available, please contact the Broadcom Support website Support team. They are reached using the information found on the Contact Support page.

Additional Information

Need FTP downloads? The site has that option. When in the Product Files list for downloads on the support site you should see an FTP button. For example see the icon on the far right in this image.

When selecting the FTP option it will add an entry to the Cart History.

In the Cart when selecting the FTP icon on the far right we see information like this sample that allows direct FTP download.