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Error when scheduling a CA Business Intelligence (CABI) report - "Address error: [Error sending address(es) to SMTP server. Return code: [SMTP 530 - Authentication required.]"


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When attempting to schedule a report from BI Launchpad the following error occurs: 

Address error: [Error sending address(es) to SMTP server. Return code: [SMTP 530 - Authentication required.].


This issue can be caused by Mail server authentication parameters are not set correctly in CA Business Intelligence (CABI) Central Management Console (CMC) or Mail server settings are not allowing the CABI server to connect to the Mail server with the current settings.


Verify in CABI CMC that the configuration of the scheduling service is correctly set and that it matches the required configuration by the Mail Server.  In addition, ensure that the Mail Server allows the connection of CABI for sending emails.

In order to have the mail service enabled in CABI, it needs to be set in the Adaptive Job Server as follows:

1. Log in CMC with administration permissions
2. From the main page go to SERVERS->SERVERS LIST and double click the AdaptiveJobServer or Job Server
3. Select destination and then email.  If is not added the from the drop down menu choose email and then click on add.
4. Complete the requested information according to the Mail Server requirements and/or desired configuration.

For MS Exchange Servers, ensure that the CABI server is added to the relay servers list.  The following document can assist -  

Use the TELNET utility to test to send test emails from the CABI server to the Mail server in order to verify that the service is available from CABI.  The following documents will assist:  
Verify BO Server is talking to Email Sever via command prompt
How to Use Telnet to Test SMTP Communication


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License