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Migrating and upgrading the SpectroSERVER database from one system to another


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


This knowledge document discusses how to upgrade the SpectroSERVER database and migrate from one machine to another.

For example, you currently have Spectrum 10.3.x installed . You wish to upgrade to Spectrum 10.4.x and migrate from the current system to a new Red Hat Enterprise Linux system. 





For upgrading and migrating the SpectroSERVER database from older to newer version, it is recommended to use the dbsavefile.SSdb method. The basic steps are as follows:


1. Create a SpectroSERVER database save on the existing system

2. If the database save file is compressed, uncompress the file

3. Rename the uncompressed database save file to dbsavefile.SSdb 

4. Create the $SPECROOT/SS directory on the new system 

5. Copy the dbsavefile.SSdb file to the $SPECROOT/SS on the new system 

6. Install Spectrum 10.4.x on the new  system into the $SPECROOT directory created in step 4


The Spectrum installation process looks for a file named dbsavefile.SSdb in the $SPECROOT/SS directory and if found, will upgrade the database at installation.