CIC offline Export Failing with "Failed to acquire MDB connection for domain 'local'".


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Problem : 

CIC installed with Offline export option in one machine for downloading the software definitions .CIC offline Export Failing with "Failed to acquire MDB connection for domain 'local'". 

There are errors in logs stating there is connection issues when trying to connect to the local domain 


[CCMain] INFO [] - CIC Initializing Config through MDB 

[CCMain] INFO [] - Initializing MDB connection 'jdbc: h2' for domain 'local'. User name: cicuser 

[CCMain] ERROR [] - Failed to acquire MDB connection for domain 'local' 



ITCM 12.9 CIC offline installation . 



CIC offline Export will use h2 database connection for the purpose of downloading the software definitions.

Connection string check was wrong. Instead of correct string 'jdbc:h2', it was mentioned as 'jdbc:h2:'.



 This Matches to problem mentioned in PROB #: 3518. Please raise a issues to get the fix from support.  

Reprocess the baseline after applying the fix . This will allow you to download the software definitions using offline export process.     


Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence