How do I set up a Stacked Bar Portlet in CA Clarity PPM
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How do I set up a Stacked Bar Portlet in CA Clarity PPM


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A customer asked how to set up a Stacked Bar in CA PPM (Clarity).



As an example, here are some steps to create a Stacked Bar Portlet:


1. Click on Administration -> Portlets -> click on ‘New’ button and bottom of the screen

2. Select Chart Portlet and fill in the fields

3. For the ‘Data Provider’ click on the binoculars icon and select a Data Provider from the list in the next screen

4. Click on the ‘Next’ button, for the ‘Chart Type’ select ‘Bar’.

5. Click on the ‘Next’ button, click on ‘Finish’

6. Click on the Home icon -> click on the spanner icon from the top right corner of the user interface

7. Click on tab you wish to update with the chart

8. Click on ‘Content’ tab and click on the Add button and select the new Chart Portlet you have just created and click on ‘Add’. Now you will see the newly created Portlet listed

9. Click the ‘Return’ button

10. Click on the ‘Return’ button again

11. Go into the Tab and click on Options icon which is located on the right hand side of the screen and click on ‘Configure’

12. In the Chart Section – Options screen select ‘Stacked’ for the Sub-type and click on ‘Save And Return’:


Actual Result: Now you will see the Stacked Bar


Additional Information:

Please also see the Studio Developer Guide:

Sub-heading: 'Configure the List View'

Sub-heading: 'How to Develop Grid Portlets'



Release: ESPCLA99000-14.3-Clarity-Extended Support Plus

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