How can I recreate the Effort Task for a Project?


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How can I recreate the Effort Task for a Project? 

(The effort task can be missing for a couple of reasons including: Accidental deletion of the task or XOGing in the project with tasks without first XOGing in the team members)



The effort task can be manually recreated using the steps below:

1. In the project missing the Effort task, navigate to the tasks tab. 

2. Click the New button and enter the below fields: 

a. Task ID: ~rmw 

Note, if you are using auto-number for task ID, you would need to disable auto-numbering for the Task ID field temporarily to use this method. 

b. Task Name: Name of project 

c. Other fields can be entered as preferred. 

3. Once the task is created, assign the team members to the task 

4. Make sure task is open for time entry if you want it to show up on timesheets.


Additional Information:


Reference KB TEC502254 for information on the effort task and how ETC is calculated on it.


Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus