PMO attributes get added as IS_SYSTEM=0 and with non-remapped names to DWH_META_COLUMNS table, PPM Views, and then to DWH tables


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PMO attributes are added as IS_SYSTEM=0 and with non-remapped names to DWH_META_COLUMNS table, PPM Views, and then to the DWH tables and views causing the Load DW Job or Jaspersoft Reports to Error. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Run Data Warehouse job on a system with upgraded 14.2 and PMO  
  2. Note invalid identifiers in the logs for PMO attributes, such as Business Alignment (obj_alignment), Key accomplishments (cop_key_accomplish), Upcoming Activities etc.  or when trying to run various Jaspersoft reports such as Project Status Detail or Project Storyboard you receive invalid identifiers errors.  
  3. Query DWH_META_COLUMNS table on the CA PPM database 
  4. Note the columns ATTRIBUTE_CODE, SRC_COLUMN_NAME, DWH_COLUMN_NAME, IS_SYSTEM=0 instead of IS_SYSTEM=1 and the attribute names are not correct.
Expected Result:  The fields are mapped correctly.
Actual Result:  The fields are mapped incorrectly and the Load DW job fails, or various reports will show an error.


Applied to all supported environments for 14.2 and 14.3


Caused by CLRT-79092


Currently under review with our development team.


  1. Go to Administration, Studio: Objects, open the object associated with the affected attribute(s)
  2. Navigate to the 'Attributes' tab, open the affected attribute(s) and uncheck the box to disable the attribute for use in the Data Warehouse
  3. Run the Load Data Warehouse job with Full Load
  4. Go to Administration, Studio: Content Add-Ins page
  5. Open the Accelerator: Program Management Office (PMO) and navigate to 'Items' tab
  6. Filter for Type = 'Object' and select the line items for the affected objects
  7. Click 'Install' button to reinstall the Object details 
  8. Run the Load Data Warehouse job again

    *Sometimes the workaround does not work, and manual renaming in DWH_META_COLUMNS and the corresponding PPM view is needed.  Contact CA PPM Support for assistance.  

Note that if after a standard PMO installation from command prompt, you do not see the PMO field checked in UI, you should not check it manually. The PMO content should be reapplied as per the workaround above, and the app-ca.logs monitored for any errors. If errors are thrown, they should be corrected, and content reinstalled.



Additional Information:

Reference this attachment PMO Fields.xlsx for a full list of PMO Accelerator attributes that should be loaded when PMO is installed for comparison to your installation.





Release: ESPCLA99000-14.3-Clarity-Extended Support Plus

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