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Error "Please enter a valid screen name" when trying to create a new user in the Unified Self Service


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CA Service Desk Manager - Unified Self Service CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


When you try to create user in the Unified Self Service which contain numbers in the screen name, it returns an error  "Please enter a valid screen name" shown below:


Clarity Service Management 17.2
Clarity Service Management 17.1


To resolve this issue, perform the following steps:

- Stop Unified Self-Service services manually.
- Take a backup of file from the location C:\Program Files\CA\Self Service\OSOP.
- Edit the file and add the below entry at the end:

- Save the file and start the Unified Self-Service services manually.

You should now be able to create a user with the numeric screen name.

If it does not have any effect, please, take a look at the link below:

Using, username validation fails with certain random numbers