ENC configured agents causing network slowdown
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ENC configured agents causing network slowdown


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I have configured ENC on all the agent machines in my clients remote network so that I can make direct remote control connections to them from the Domain manager in my network but since configuring ENC my client is now experiencing general network latency and slowness.




Client Automation 12.9



Once ENC is configured it creates a permanent heartbeat connection on the the agent machine so when configured on hundreds or thousands of machines that can cause network slowness.



Disable ENC on the agent machines and Install 12.9Fp2 (RO84371.CAZ). Fp2 has the capability to do On Demand remote Connections for their agents. This capability was introduced in 12.9Fp2. It enables the agents, which have direct (non-ENC) connectiviity to their scalability server, to enable ENC only when an RC session is requested. This cuts down tremendously on the ENC overhead so it will allow ENC to scale more efficiently and puts less stress on the network by removing the ENC heartbeats for every client. 



Additional Information:

12.9Fp2 (RO84371.CAZ) can be downloaded from http://support.ca.com  Enter RO84371 under Search by Fix/patch number and click Go. Click on the patch link for instructions and download links. After extracting the patch please see the ITCM_r12_9_FP2_Release_ENU.pdf in the \patch\documentation folder for further details.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence