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When you are using OBS structure in the process start condition and that structure changed, starting condition no longer works in PPM


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When you are using an OBS structure in the process start condition and that structure changes, the start condition no longer works.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Log in to CA Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) as an Administrator  
2. Create a simple OBS structure with 3 or 4 levels. Feel free to use an existing OBS structure if it already exists in the system  
3. Associate the OBS to project object  
4. Create a simple process by going to Administration -> Processes (attached CLRT-79306.docx is the document with explaining how process should be created)  
5. Update existing project and choose OBS association to the lowest level (in my example it is "D")  
6. Observe process is triggered as expected  
7. Update OBS level "D" to "K" and save changes  
8. Go back to the project and set OBS to "C" 
9. Observe process trigger, which is not expected because of the starting condition 

Expected Result: process should not trigger since the starting condition is not met 

Actual Result: process is triggering even when the starting condition is not met 


Release: ESPCLA99000-14.3-Clarity-Extended Support Plus


Caused by CLRT-79306


This issue is fixed in CA PPM 15.1 and higher 



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