Policy Server :: HouseKeeping Thread
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Policy Server :: HouseKeeping Thread


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Question :

  I have a Policy Server running, I'd like to know what the Housekeeping thread is and what it does.

Anwser :

  The Housekeeping thread checks for all the latest updates
  that have occurred to the Policy Store data, and applies those changes
  to synchronize the Policy Store with the XPS Store
  data. It makes these checks every 5 minutes by default.
  The last search time is stored inside the Housekeeping thread and
  the next search for XPS modified objects will be issued with
  modifyTimeStamp greater than the last search time, to find any

  Note that the modifytimestamp only changes when the search request
  finds modified or new items. The Housekeeping thread always uses
  "LastModifiedTime" for searching. If there are no change, it
  keeps using the same timestamp over an over again until it
  finds something that changed in the Policy Store. Then it
  updates modifytimestamp to the new value of the LastModifiedTime


Component: SMPLC