Are dynamic IP's supported in CA Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM) platform?
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Are dynamic IP's supported in CA Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM) platform?


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Are dynamic IP's supported in Unified Infrastructure Manager (UIM) platform?


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Presently, Dynamic IP configurations are not inherently supported by the product. Although a few options are available for some flexibility, the environment will rely on static running addresses for consistency.  It is strongly recommended that all robots and hubs be assigned static IP's to avoid issues with data integrity. Support cannot generally  assist with resolution of any issues caused by dynamic IP allocation.

Additional Information

Ideally, if the IP's never change, installation and configuration should remain as a "normal" deployment. 

For some options available:
For Robots; 
If you are going to work with a static IP address, check "Set specific address(es) (override)" under "Setup"->"IP" in your controller probe. 

If you are going to work with a dynamic IP address, then you may check "Automatically detect" (see note below):

note: If a system is set to "Automatically detect" and the IP changes at any time, you will be required to take a number of manual steps to account for the fact that the IP address of a system is considered as part of a number of system identifiers.  For this reason, again we strongly recommend that systems should change IP's very infrequently if they have to change at all, and dynamic IP's which change as a matter of course are not supported by the product.

1. For robots, 
The configuration allows you to use or handle an IP change as mentioned above, but if it does change, you will need to "re-align" the QOS from that system back to the new IP, e.g., change one or more of the QOS object field values. For example, the need to merge data via SLM if 'Source' changes due to IP change of the robot. Also keep in mind, that the 'source' will be the robotname, but in the case of remote probes, e.g., such as rsp, net_connect, etc., it might be IP or target.

2. For Hubs
The hub's will fail to respond if the IP change's, and any tunnel or named services associated with it. You will need to update the hub.cfg with new proper IP's

3. For UMP server
Technically, since wasp probe relies on the robotname of a system your UMP will go down only until it's robot is done updating it's new IP. 

4. For Probes 
Most of your configurations for a lot for probes will most likely need to be updated somehow. Since most monitoring probes rely on an IP address to monitor, you will need to reconfigure probes. 

5. For database connections
You may need to re-configure your data_engine probe to link up to the new IP of the database if that changes. You will lose overall UIM functionality until data_engine is restored (you can keep monitoring alarms however). 

You will lose connection links to external data sources for dashboard widgets etc. Will need to configure new access, with new IP's.  Gateway probes e.g. Spectrum, Service Desk, and others may experience unexpected behavior and synchronization issues.