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How to reset admin password in CA Business Service Insight


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CA Business Service Insight


How to reset the admin password in CA Business Service Insight, in the event of being locked out.


Applicable to BSI 8 to 8.3.5 with Oracle database.


There are several reasons you may lose access to the admin account; it may be that you have restored an old database, or have just forgotten it. If you have another working admin login, you can reset it through there, but that is not always applicable.


In order to regain access to Business Service Insight, the admin account can be reset to the default ‘sadmin’ username with password ‘sadmin’ from within the Oracle database.

To do this, please run the following Oracle query:

update t_users set user_password =fnc_encrypt_password('sadmin','sadmin') where user_id = 100

This will then allow you to login as that user, and so reset any other accounts you have that are also locked out. Since this is the default, it is recommended to change the password again once you are logged in.

Additional Information

For further information on creating/editing users through the UI, please see the regular documentation.