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The resource allocation on a Program is not correct when resources are allocated to more than one investment


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise



Regardless of the allocation at the child level, the allocation at the program level is not adding up to the sum of all the children allocations.

If the same resource is placed on multiple subs and those subs are included in a master, when viewing the Resource's % allocation in a time-phased cell the value is wrong if the total sub availability is less than 100%

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a Program and create 2 projects in PPM with Start Date = 01-JAN-2015 and Finish Date = 31-DEC-2015 for all 
  2. Add Project1 and Project2 as subprojects to the Program
  3. Add the same labor resource to both Project1 and Project2
  4. On Project1, set the resource allocation to 50% for date range 01-FEB-2015 to 31-OCT-2015
  5. On Project2, set the resource allocation to 50% for date range 01-MAR-2015 to 30-NOV-2015 
  6. Open the Program in Open Workbench and check the total allocation within the Program

Expected Result: Allocation of the resource should be 50% for February and November

Actual Result: Allocation of the resource is 100% for February and November


Applies to all supported PAS environments for specified releases.


Caused by CLRT-79058


Fix: Curves for the subprojects are merged before creating the curve for the master project or program. 

Resolved in CA PPM 14.3 Generic Patch #2


Use 'Unused Availability' formatted as a percentage in the view.  

Additional Information:

Reference TEC1696455 : PPM 14.3 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues



Release: ESPCLA99000-14.3-Clarity-Extended Support Plus