user with read-permissions cannot open probe gui in IM


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NIMSOFT PROBES DX Infrastructure Management


The customer created a copy of the default guest ACL and added the permission "Probe_Basic" to this ACL.  He then assigned this ACL to a user to test if this now allows these users to view, but not change, the probe configuration in Infrastructure Manager. The result was that the "configure" option in IM, when you right-click a probe, is still greyed out and the user cannot open the probe GUI to view the current configuration. 

The permission probe basic, as per the documentation, grants access to a "Read-only view of the probe configuration". However, it is not further explained where you would access this read only configuration, or what else this would imply.







The behavior the customer was seeing is by design.  What this permission does is to allow the user to logon to the Admin Console, then access the "View Config File", "View Log", and "View Log in New Window" options  for the probes in the Admin Console. There is no read-only GUI available for any probe in IM or Admin Console at this moment, and that is why you will see this option being greyed out in both IM and Admin Console. 

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