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How do I create a simple report of a Computer Group and Export that to a CSV file?


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 How can I create a Simple Report of a Computer Group and Export that to a CSV File ?



  ITCM 12.9 and most prior Releases of ITCM, DSM Explorer.



Simply highlight the name of the Computer Group in DSM Explorer.

Then go to the File tab and select "Export List as CSV...".


There are 2 choices:

 . ANSI           - If you export as ANSI, you can automatically open in Excel. 

 . UNICODE    - If you export as UNICODE, you will need to import the file into Excel (column delimited), for separate columns.

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 This is a very quick way to create a simple report, without using DSM Reporter.


Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence


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