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Password rules for sdagent, amagent and assetcollector


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While the application framework (CAF) runs under the local system account, occasionally a CA ITCM service, such as sdagent, amagent or assetcollector, needs to run under an administrator account. This is done using the "caf setcreds <dsm service> user <account> password <password>" command



When you want to use a strong password, what restrictions apply to the password in terms of size and special characters?



Windows command prompt 

All version of CA Client Automation



There is no size limit.

Passwords up to 30 characters have been tested without problems.

Special characters are accepted.

If they have a special meaning in DOS, like &, |,^, > you need to put a caret (^) in front of them.

This works for all except the double quote (") so that should not be used in a password. 



Release: UASIT.99000-12.8-Asset Intelligence