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Steps to disable NSM integration when running CA Service Desk Manager (SDM) in Advanced Availability (AA) or Conventional architecture


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In a situation where the SDM logs are filled with the following messages:
12/04 09:25:32.02 myserver         proctor_myserver       4228 SIGNIFICANT  pdm_process.c          572 Process Started (1728):C:/Produtos/CA/SERVIC~1/bin/ehc_nxd
12/04 09:27:34.01 myserver         pdm_d_mgr            4952 SIGNIFICANT  daemon_obj.c          3268 Waited 120 seconds for ehc to connect to slump.  Continuing to wait.
12/04 09:29:37.00 myserver         pdm_d_mgr            4952 SIGNIFICANT  daemon_obj.c          3294 ehc: waiting more than 120 seconds for agent to confirm. Marking as stopped.
12/04 09:29:37.00 myserver         proctor_myserver       4228 SIGNIFICANT  agent_os_if.c         1152 Terminating : (C:/Produtos/CA/SERVIC~1/bin/ehc_nxd) MPID: 80 PID: 1728
12/04 09:29:37.00 myserver         proctor_myserver       4228 SIGNIFICANT  pdm_process.c          923 Process stopped (C:/Produtos/CA/SERVIC~1/bin/ehc_nxd return: 0 
12/04 09:29:37.00 myserver         proctor_myserver       4228 SIGNIFICANT  pdm_process.c          932 Stopped: C:/Produtos/CA/SERVIC~1/bin/ehc_nxd
12/04 09:29:38.02 myserver         pdm_d_mgr            4952 ERROR        daemon_obj.c          1990 Daemon ehc died: restarting
12/04 09:29:38.02 myserver         pdm_d_mgr            4952 SIGNIFICANT  mgr_slump_if.c        1221 Starting: $NX_ROOT/bin/ehc_nxd
It may be necessary to configure SDM to suppress the NSM integration. Note: this is only applicable if the NSM integration is not necessary.
The steps described applies to SDM r14.1, 12.9 in both AA and Conventional architecture.




In order to remove the processes from SDM responsible for the NSM integration proceed as follows:
1. Navigate to NX_ROOT\samples\pdmconf
2. Do a backup copy of "pdm_startup.tpl"
3. Edit te file and search for:
[ procset FILTERING ]
; --------------------------
4. Comment the lines containing tngfilter, tngwriter and ehc. They should look like:
[ procset FILTERING ]
; --------------------------

Once this is done, any execution of pdm_configure will keep the changes.
5. For AA architecture, this must be done on all servers: Background, Standby and Application.
6. For Conventional architecture, this must be done on the Primary server only.
6. In case it is not necessary to run SDM configuration at this point, the same modifications can be applied to file NX_ROOT\pdmconf\pdm_startup.
7. Next it is necessary to recycle the SDM services to have the changes recognized by CA SDM.


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License