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Web Agent :: Apache : @username=%USER% @smretries=0 @smheaders=sm_sdomain


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Question :

Running Web Agent, when my browser reaches the login.fcc page, I get
the following code displayed on the page:

  @username=%USER% @smretries=0 @smheaders=sm_sdomain

Because of this, I cannot login. How can I fix it ?

Answer :

This code appears in the browser because the code hasn't
been interpreted by the Web Server before sending the response
to the browser.

Check the configuration of the Apache server and if you
have AddHandler configurations, remove them and restart Apache.

The AddHandlers are :

 AddHandler smformsauth-handler .fcc
 AddHandler smsslformsauth-handler .sfcc
 AddHandler smadvancedauth-handler .scc
 AddHandler smcookieprovider-handler .ccc

Those configurations were needed for Web Server Apache 1.x only.
But in Apache 2.x, those functions don't exist anymore. That's
why you need to remove them in order to have the Web Server
be able to interpret the code properly before sending
the page to the browser.


Component: SMAPC