How to use a response file to install CA client Automation on UNIX


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  This document explains how to create an unattended response file for use with the installdsm script on MAC and Linux machines for CA Client Automation.



  Clients who do not want to do an interactive installation can use a response file to do the install and use that to install silently.



  All UNIX and MAC based platforms



   1.    Copy the install media to the target machine in binary mode using an ftp client or ssh client.


<Please see attached file for image>



    2.    Connect via Putty and cd into the target folder in screenshot agent folder was copied to /private/tmp/agent12_9/agent 

        Cd /private/tmp/agent12_9/agent


<Please see attached file for image>


     3.    Run cmod 755 installdsm



     4.    Run installdsm –g machine.rsp


<Please see attached file for image>


    5.    Choose English and click ok



    6.    Choose install CA ITCM


<Please see attached file for image>


  7.    You must scroll down to read the above terms and conditions before you can

       Choose the appropriate statement of agreement. By selecting I accept.


       : X :    I accept the terms of the License Agreement


<Please see attached file for image>


       Click the tab until you select Next selection


   8.    Leave default options of asset Management and Software Delivery components

       Click Next

      NOTE: you must install the Remote Control agent using a Software Delivery job on Linux and MAC this agent does not run on other UNIX platforms.


<Please see attached file for image>



   9.    Choose the Express Agent Installation and click Next


<Please see attached file for image>




   10. Configure the Scalability Server the agent points to where %SERVER_NAME% equals the actual hostname of the Scalability Server. Click Next


<Please see attached file for image>



.    11. Accept default installation paths and click Next

       NOTE: It is highly advisable never to change these settings.

<Please see attached file for image>



 12. During the install you will see message like this:

<Please see attached file for image>

















To use the response file you run the following

1.    ./Installdsm –r machine.rsp  This installs the basic hardware agent and software delivery and asset agents.


2.    When the install finishes you can add the CA Remote Control Agent to the Linux and MAC platforms using the Software Delivery agent job listed under

 Software/Software Package Library/DSM Software Packages/CA DSM Agent + Remote Control plugin MacOSX(intel) (ENU) in the DSM Explorer.

<Please see attached file for image>




Additional Information:

See the CA Client Automation Implementation Guide on DVD #1 in the DOC subdirectory for more information.




Release: UASIT.99000-12.8-Asset Intelligence


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