How and when the booking status for a resource changes to "Mixed"?
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How and when the booking status for a resource changes to "Mixed"?


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What is the definition of Hard and Soft booked resources:

Hard-booked Staff

A team staff member with Booking Status set to “Hard” means hard allocation and planned allocations are the same.

Soft-booked Staff

A team staff member who is soft-booked has only planned allocations and no hard allocations.

Difference between Soft Booked and Hard Booked resource properties:

When a resource is soft booked there is no Hard allocation for him/her.

Go to the Properties of the Team – Staff member who is soft booked for a Project and the Hard Allocation section in the right hand side will be shown blank. 

Now, the “Booking status” is always editable and can be changed to “Hard”.

The moment you change the “Booking status” to “Hard”, “Planned Allocation” data gets copied to the “Hard Allocation” section. 

Hard allocation data (Start, Finish and % Allocation) can be manually changed.


Booking Status =“Mixed” à When?

As soon as the planned allocation and the Hard Allocation data is not exact same to each other, booking status is changed to MIXED.

Ways to change the Booking status to Mixed:

1.     Manual: Add a new row under Planned Allocation. Save the change.

2.     Manual: Change any of the data from the Hard Allocation section. Save the change.

3.  Auto-change: Doing a schedule operation on the project. Scheduling usually changes the allocation of the resources based on the defined algorithm or set parameters. So if the “Planned Allocation” details for a “Hard” booked resources gets changed by doing a schedule, then the booking status is changed to MIXED. 



Release: ESPCLA99000-13.3-Clarity-Extended Support Plus