Debugging dialog failed because symbol table is missing.
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Debugging dialog failed because symbol table is missing.


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Compiled a dialog in an application dictionary with Symbol Table on. Punched the load module (WITH SYNTAX) and added it to a common run-time dictionary. When attempting to DEBUG the dialog after DCUF'ing to the run-time dictionary, the QUAL PROC statement produces a DC574943 error. DEBUG when DCUF'ed to the application dictionary allows the QUAL PROC. I wonder if the lack of source information for the dialog in the run-time dictionary is causing the problem although I thought having Symbol Table turned on puts the information needed by the Debugger into the dialog load module. I guess that notion is mistaken because the difference in the size of the load module with and without Symbol Table is only 20 bytes.

The dialog source is not needed to debug a dialog. When a dialog is punched with syntax to another dictionary it leaves behind the symbol table load modules ( SYMHDR, SYMTEXT, and SYMCTL ). The extra 20 bytes seen in the dialog module module when it is compiled with symbol table points to the symbol table modules that were not migrated with the punch. To resolve this the dialog would have to be recompiled to regenerate the symbol table.

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CA IDMS Dictionary DSECT Reference GUIDE/#R174DS 


Release: IDADSO00100-18.5-ADS-for CA-IDMS