Cannot apply policy to SystemEDGE host as it is missing from Virtual Assurance From Infrastructure managers


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  • A SystemEDGE host needs to register itself with VAIM before you can deploy a policy to it.    
  • If the agent is not registered it will not show up in VAIM listing when you try to deploy a policy, even though it has been discovered (Visible under Resources > Explore > Managed within VAIM UI).
  • Under most circumstances in a correctly configured environment the agent registration process occurs automatically without manual user intervention required.



The 3 requirements for SystemEDGE registration with VAIM to occur are:


1.  SystemEDGE is in managed mode.

  • This will be enabled if you deployed SystemEDGE remotely from VAIM.


  • Defined the "Configuration Manager host name" field with a Virtual Assurance Domain Server or Distribution Server during a manual installation.

<Please see attached file for image>


2.  The VAIM Server can detect the host has SystemEDGE installed (VAIM uses SNMP to detect SystemEDGE is present).


<Please see attached file for image>




3.  VAIM and the SystemEDGE host can communicate with each other via CAM (agent registration takes place over CAM).


  • You can use the camping utility to verify communication is working in both directions:

camping -n hostname from VAIM host to SystemEDGE host

<Please see attached file for image>


camping -n hostname from SystemEDGE host to VAIM Host

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4.  Once the above 3 items are confirmed you can attempt for force the agent registration as follows (Applicable to VAIM 12.7.1 and higher).

  • Resources > Explore > Managed > hostname > Policy > SystemEDGE > Discover Agent

<Please see attached file for image>



<Please see attached file for image>



5.   You can verify the SystemEDGE Agent has registered itself with the VAIM Domain Server by checking the SystemEDGE host for the presence of a file

located within the Port# folder.


<Please see attached file for image>



6. Once the agent has been registered (as confirmed by the presence of the file) the host will show up in the list of machines you can push a policy to.


<Please see attached file for image>







Release: SEAUBC99000-12.8-Server Automation-Base Configuration


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