Baseline Usage is not saving back to PPM when baseline is created in MSP using New Driver


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If a baseline is created in Microsoft Project (MSP) using the new MSP Interface driver, team Baseline Usage/Baseline Work is wiped out when saving back to PPM.


Steps to Reproduce: 

   1.  Create a project in PPM 

   2.  Add a resource to the Team tab (Issue happens regardless of whether resource is hard booked or not) 

   3.  Export the project to MSP

   4.  Create task and assign resource with ETC

   5.  Create a baseline (Project -> Set Baseline) 

   6.  Add Baseline Work to the Resource View

<Please see attached file for image>


   7.  Save back to PPM

   8.  Navigate to the Team tab and add Baseline Usage to the Team view

Expected Result: Baseline Usage matches that which was in MSP for Baseline Work prior to saving back to PPM

Actual Result: Baseline Usage is deleted (reduced to zero). 

Note: If you export the project to MSP, Baseline Work is also deleted out at the Resource level, though Baseline Work is okay at the task level there. 


New Driver for Microsoft Project Interface


This is caused by CLRT-79581 which is currently under review. 



The workaround is to create the Baseline in PPM.

  1. Navigate to the project in PPM.
  2. Select the Properties drop down then Baseline.
  3. Click 'New' then enter required information and click 'Save and Return'. 

Additional Information:


 If you are using MSP2010, please also see KB: TEC1019129. Due to a Microsoft Project defect, baselines should only be created in PPM with MSP2010. 


Release: ESPCLA99000-14.3-Clarity-Extended Support Plus


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