ARCHIVED VPN & DB Access Requests and Renewals for Clarity SaaS
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ARCHIVED VPN & DB Access Requests and Renewals for Clarity SaaS


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Clarity PPM SaaS


  • How can Database/VPN Account Access be granted so I can access Dev environment or renewed in Clarity SaaS/On Demand?
  • My password is expired, can it be reset?


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At this time Broadcom is no longer providing exceptions to renew VPN access. The technical capability to provide clients direct DB access via VPN is not available:

  • Direct database access via VPN is a legacy functionality originally intended for and only supported as a development tool for the long deprecated Business Objects reporting functionality; current JasperSoft based reporting functionality does not require direct DB access. 
  • Some clients with existing VPN connections have been provided exceptions to continue using, in an unsupported manner, the legacy VPN connections for access to non production Clarity SaaS database instances
    • Any renewals of the direct DB access have been provided with the caveats that it was unsupported, could be deprecated at anytime without notice, and clients should be actively working to deploy supportable access methods to replace VPN access.
  • The CA JDBC Adapter enables report developers to connect to the Clarity PPM transactional or data warehouse database to run queries from Jaspersoft Studio Professional without a VPN connection.