Controlling log file growth with the AlarmForwarder solution
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Controlling log file growth with the AlarmForwarder solution


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CA Spectrum CA eHealth



The alarm-forwarder.log file, written to when the tool is configured and running in eHealth, is full of what appears to be excessive debug and informational messages.



How can we control or otherwise limit the log messages written to the alarm-forwarder.log file?



To accomplish this we'll need to edit the alarmForwarder.bat file on Windows systems with the tool. Within this file find the line that states:

%NH_HOME%/perl/bin/perl.exe %NH_HOME%/custom/alarmForwarder/ --verbose 

Modify that line to the following (without "--verbose" parameter):

%NH_HOME%/perl/bin/perl.exe %NH_HOME%/custom/alarmForwarder/ 


Restart the by restarting the eHealth server services. In Windows this is accomplished most easily with the stop and start of the eHealth 63 service. In Windows on the command line run the command "nhServer stop" followed by "nhServer start".


Making this change will lower the noise and size of the log during normal operation of the AlarmForwarder tool. If problems with its operation are observed, this change should be reverted to its original form to gather additional logging and messages for analysis.


Release: SPDBIP99000-9.4-Spectrum-Device Based Suite-IP Services Manager