Oracle not found in the installation
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Oracle not found in the installation


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CA Business Service Insight


When you start the installation of the CA Business Service Insight and it appears that the Oracle home is not set, the TNS name is not configured 



Component: OBLCRE


This problem can be because many reasons; that the Oracle environment is not set correctly and CA BSI can not determine where the 32 bit Oracle client is located   



  1. Verify that you have the "Oracle 32 bit client" installed using the supported version for CA BSI
  2. Run the Net Configuration Assistant and depending if you are in the (Database,Application or Web server) you will have to configure the "LISTENER" (Oracle Database server) and the "Local Net Service Name configuration" (Oracle Database, Application, Web server)
  3. Run the "Oracle Net Manager" verify that the "Service Naming" has a oblicore TNS Name created. In the case of the Oracle database server you should all so have a LISTENER

Now you should be enable to start the installation of the CA BSI

Additional Information

Tip: Under a Dos Windows (CMD) run the command: tnsping tns_name example:

       tnsping oblicore

Important Information: that this will display the version of the Oracle client version, all so you can find out if this is a 32 or 64 bit Oracle Client and you can all so see using this command that you can see the database server, service name and Net Service Name

- CA BSI ONLY support the Oracle Client x32 bit (the x64 bit client is not supported)

- Under the last version of CA BSI 8.3 and 8.3.5 the Oracle client version supported is

- If by any case you installed the 64 bit Oracle Client you will have to make sure that it was uninstalled complete because if you do install the oracle 32 bit Client, the CA BSI will not detect it.