How to disable the snapshot feature on the ReportAgent
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How to disable the snapshot feature on the ReportAgent


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CA Privileged Access Manager - Server Control (PAMSC) CA Privileged Identity Management Endpoint (PIM)


How can we disable the nightly snapshot of the seosdb performed by the ReportAgent?
We will not do any reporting from the Report Agent.


Release: ACP1M005900-12.9-Privileged Identity Manager

PIM 14, PAMSC 14.1


On Unix/Linux
In the file /opt/CA/AccessControlShared/ccommon.ini you shall find
; Specifies whether you want to send database snapshot data to the Distribution Server ; Values: 0- no, 1- yes ; Default: 1
snapshot_enabled = 1

Please edit this file and set the token snapshot_enabled = 0 and restart the ReportAgent and AgentManager with these commands in a root shell

# cd /opt/CA/AccessControlShared/lbin
# ./ stop
# ./ stop
# ./ start
# ./ start


On Windows

the same feature is controled with this registry key:

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