Error: "pdm_ldap_sync: No Records found to process" When Running pdm_ldap_sync


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Contacts are not synchronized by pdm_ldap_sync.

Command Prompt Window and ldap_logging logs show:

10/30 09:28:18.45 ldap_sync 11100 SIGNIFICANT ldap_sync.c 361 pdm_ldap_sync: Starting...
10/30 09:28:18.47 ldap_sync 11100 SIGNIFICANT ldap_sync.c 361 pdm_ldap_sync: LDAP where clause = "id = ?"
10/30 09:28:18.53 ldap_sync 11100 SIGNIFICANT ldap_sync.c 361 pdm_ldap_sync: Contact where clause = "ldap_dn IS NOT NULL AND userid NOT LIKE '%\%' AND userid NOT LIKE '%@%'"
10/30 09:28:18.61 ldap_sync 11100 ERROR ldap_sync.c 341 pdm_ldap_sync: No Records found to process



"pdm_ldap_sync" is running with the default settings. By Default, ldap_sync will filter and set the Where clause with "ldap_dn IS NOT NULL" and in the usp_servers there is no user with the ldap_dn populated, causing to filter all the contacts and not synchronizing any contact.



To be able to find more users, you would need to use the "-c" argument. This argument determines which contacts are used when searching for matching LDAP records. Steps are the following:

1) Open a Command Prompt Window

2) Type: pdm_ldap_sync -c "<argument>"

For examples using "-c" argument:

Section name : "Batch Update Contacts Using LDAP Data"


Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License