Error When Populating Cost Plan REVMGR-20728: Rates and Costs are both missing for one or more roles/resources
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Error When Populating Cost Plan REVMGR-20728: Rates and Costs are both missing for one or more roles/resources


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When trying to 'Populate from Investment Team' or 'Populate from Task Assignments' on a financial cost plan, the following error is displayed:

REVMGR-20728: Rates and Costs are both missing for one or more roles/resources



All Clarity versions


The cost plan cannot be created as there is no matching row to fully populate the cost plan.


For 16.0.1+
This is implemented as an improvement to the message provided to the end user to aid in updating the Rate Matrix so the correct rates and costs are populated in the cost plans.
The Resource / Role ID is provided in the message.

Example Message: REVMGR-20728:Rates/Costs are missing for following roles/resources - csk.businessAnalyst, csk.developer, csk.projectManager, csk.architect, csk.testEngineer, csk.storageArchitect.

Once the missing resources or roles are identified, the rate matrix associated with the investment can be updated with the appropriate entries.

For versions prior to 16.0.1

Step through the following sequential steps. At the end of each step, try the cost plan population to see if the issue is resolved.
If the error persists, proceed to the next step.

0. Is there a role defined in the matrix?

Review the resource role vs the task role.

  - This includes the role on the team vs the primary role and then also the role on the assignment.

    The cost plan uses the lowest level of the role.  Therefore if there is a role on the assignment it will use that. If there is not one  on the assignment it will use the project role (from the team), if there is no different role for the project, it uses the primary role.

Check if it an active role and that it exists in the rate matrix.

1. Is there a rate matrix defined for both (Labor Rate Matrix and Labor Cost Matrix) to associate the labor type that exists on the project team?

Go to the Project > Settings > Financial page

The matrix can be set at the project or entity level.
Check that there is a rate matrix defined for the labor types used on the project.
If it is not set, confirm if it is set on the Administration > Finance > Setup > Entity page

2. Does the rate matrix satisfy the project team?

Go to the Project > Team page.

Click 'Show All' to display all labor and non-labor resources.
Take note of the resource/roles that appear on this list page.

3. Does the rate matrix satisfy the project date range?

Go to the Project > Properties page

Take note of the project start and finish dates, as this will be used to obtain rates in the rate matrix.

The cost plan population takes the whole project date range, not just the cost plan dates. The auto-populate uses the investment start and finish dates to determine active fiscal time periods defined on the associated entity. All fiscal time periods are populated ignoring the freeze date defined in the entity plan defaults.

4. Go to the Administration > Finance > Manage Matrix page.

Check if that there is a row that satisfies both
a. the project date range and
b. the configured columns in the rate matrix.

If there is not, create a 'catch-all' row for testing purposes and try to populate the cost plan.
     Click 'New' and enter the all-inclusive date range with asterisks (*) for a all columns. Click Save.

If the error no longer appears, either the configured column and/or the date range in the rate matrix did not previously satisfy the rate association.

5. If you use the Entity vs the project to associate the rate matrix, make sure you have a location identified on the financial settings for the project.

To use the entity matrix you need both department and location.  This is not the same behavior if you associate the matrix on the project,
here you can populate the plan without a location (if location is not part of the matrix), however transactions will not be able to be processed without a location.

If the issue is still not resolved, please open a case with Support for a review of the rate matrix.

Additional Information

Starting in version 16.0.1, the error will be more specific as to the role / resource having the issue.