Agent is not installed during OSIM process, OSIM state stuck at Installing.
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Agent is not installed during OSIM process, OSIM state stuck at Installing.


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A PC is built via Operating System Installation Management (OSIM) and the parameter "InstallAgent=yes" is defined. The operating system is successfully installed but the agent is not installed.

When reviewing the status of the OSIM job in DSM Explorer it is stuck at "Installing" and does not move to "Current"


  • Boot Server is running on Scalability Server


  • The bootserver copies the agent install binaries from the Local Software Delivery library to the sxpsetup-11 share (...........\CA\DSM\Server\SDBS\var\managedpc\agents).
  • When the SDMPCSERVER process starts up it examines the local SD library and looks for the latest version of the ENU software delivery agent package. When it finds this it copies it to the sxpsetup-11 share.
  • When the Boot server is on the Scalability Server It cannot find the agent package unless it has first been staged to the Software Library on the Scalability Server.
  • When "InstallAgent=yes" The change of state from "Installing" to "Current" only occurs once the agent has successfully been registered and collected by the engine. As the agent could not install the state does not change



  • Stage the ENU Software Delivery Agent package to the Scalability Servers' Software Library


Release: UASIT.99000-12.9-Asset Intelligence