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What do I do when I receive 2E warning message YY50021?


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What do I do when I receive 2E warning message YY50021? 

The message is:  WARNING: License for Product ... Release ... will expire within 30 days                                                         



This message is issued when the expiration date for the specified license is within the warning period held in the YLICWRNRFA data area (by default this is 30 days). 

Check the expiry date of your 2E licences by running command YDSPLICPRD.

Raise a support case via CA Support Online requesting an updated set of 2E licence keys.

Normally the message will continue to be sent until you enter an updated set of 2E licence keys by running the command YGRTLICAUT.

You can change the value of the warning period by running command YEDTDTAARA DTAARA(YLUSLIB/YLICWRNRFA).

So if you change the value to 10 for example you will next receive the YY50021 warning message within 10 days of the expiry of your licence keys. 


Release: K1EBAS04400-8.5-2E-400 Toolkit