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Probes Red and Distsrv Not Fully Started


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) NIMSOFT PROBES



distsrv wasn't fully started and available for the data_engine to verify required license(SLM-QS, SLM-SLA and  SLM-GUI) so it will cause the data_engine and all dependent probes to go down and show a red state in IM.


This is general information applicable to most UIM versions.



To resolve:

  1. Verify that distsrv is running.
  2. Activate data_engine and check its log file.

If you see in the log that it starts initializing bulk containers (bulk insert statements) then you can conclude that it has passed distsrv license checking phase. 

The following probes are data_engine dependent and will show as red when the data_engine is down. After the data_engine is verified to be up and running, select these probes in IM and activate them:

  • ace
  • assetmegmt
  • audit
  • dap
  • dashboard_engine
  • dashboard_server
  • discovery_server
  • fault_correlation_engine
  • group_server
  • nis_server
  • qos_engine
  • relationshit_service
  • report_engine
  • sla_engine
  • variable_server 
  • wasp 


Component: CAUIM