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How are files removed from VM:Archiver Storage minidisks?


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VM:Archiver for z/VM



How are files removed from VM:Archiver Storage minidisks?



VM:Archiver deletes archived files from a storage minidisk through the following processes:

 - Copying eligible files in STAGE storage to TAPE storage, then erasing them from the DASD storage minidisks

 - Deleting expired files after the expiration grace period has passed; if there is no expiration grace period, expired files are removed immediately

 - Deleting purged files after the purge grace period ends; if there is no purge grace period or if the purge request included the IMMED option, purged files are removed immediately.


In addition, when you issue the DASD DRAINED vaddr command to drain a storage minidisk, VM:Archiver does the following:

 - Removes all STAGE files that have already been copied to tape

 - Starts a STAGE to TAPE migration to copy STAGE files that have not yet been copied from the storage minidisk to tape. Once these files are copied to tape, VM:Archiver erases them from the storage minidisk.


Additional Information:

For more information on the management of DASD storage, refer to the Storage Management chapter in the VM:Archiver System Administrator's Guide.


Release: VMARCH00400-2.4-VM:Archiver