Patches Required by Client Automation for Windows 10 Support.
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Patches Required by Client Automation for Windows 10 Support.


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Does CA Client Automation support windows 10? What is needed? 




CA Client Automation Version - 12.9


ITCM R14 supports windows 10.  ITCM 12.9 also supports win10 but a Manager and Agent patch must be applied.

The Client Automation compatibility matrix is located at:

If you click on the agent link you can see that for ITCM 12.9 agent support on windows 10 patches RO86776 and RO88134 are required.

Additionally patch RO85487 is required for windows 10 OSIM support.

These patches can be downloaded from:

Type in Client Auto and select build 12.9 and click the GO button:

<Please see attached file for image>

client auto1.png


Clicking on each patch link will give details on extracting and applying the patches as well download links for the patch binaries (.caz) and instructions files (.D5J and .txt).

RO88134 is used to create updated software delivery agent packages as well as updated Infrastructure depoloyment packages for windows 10 machines. 

RO86776 is meant to be applied to the Enterprise Manager,  Domain Managers and Remote DSM Explorers so that the agents machines with the windows 10 agent package can be recognized by the manager.

Additional Information

To apply agent patch RO88134 please see tec. doc. KB000035676


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