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Vmware: alarm message for disabled static monitors


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


When using the vmware probe to configure static monitors for certain checkpoints on specific vmware workstations residing on your vcenter, you might get the error that "the monitor <monitorname >can not be configured on <workstation>"

This error can be traced back to the log file, and occurs when you created a static monitor for a checkpoint that then has become unavailable. Even if you then disable this monitor (active = off),  you are still getting this alarm message.


is relevant for all current versions of the vmware probe


This is currently by design, all configured static monitors are being evaluated on each run of the profile regardless of their status and then generate an alarm if they fail. If you deactivate the monitor, you are not receiving an alarm if the related threshold has been breached.  
It can happen that you are no longer seeing the inactive monitor on the GUI. In that case, you would need to manually remove the non-working monitor from the configuration file. 

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