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How Many API Credits does the APM Cloud Monitor Agent use?


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     How Many API Credits does the APM Cloud Monitor Agent or APM App Synthetic Monitor Agent use?



     The number of App Synthetic Monitor API credits consumed by the APM Cloud Monitor Agent is dependent on a few polling configurations present on the agent as

     well as the number of folders present within your ASM account. The relevant polling properties can be found in the

     <AgentHome>\CloudMon\conf\ under the heading "Cloud Monitor Polling Properties".


     Here is the default configuration:


     # Cloud Monitor Polling Properties 

     # Various polling related parameters affecting timeliness and efficiency of APM Cloud Monitor agent 

     # You must restart the agent before changes to these properties take effect. 

     # How often (in seconds) cloud monitor is checked for log and public status page metric updates 

     apmcm.cloudmonitor.metrics.period = 60 

     # How often (in seconds) cloud monitor is checked for folder metric updates 

     apmcm.cloudmonitor.folderstats.period = 1800 

     # How often (in seconds) cloud monitor is checked for new global configuration data (changes in list of monitors or list of checkpoints) = 3600 


     Log and PSP metrics are obtained using the rule_log and rule_PSP API calls respectively. Each API call is 1 credit, so using the default polling period of 60

     seconds (apmcm.cloudmonitor.metrics.period = 60), each call will be made 1440 times in a day. Folder level metrics are obtained using the rule_stats API call.  

     This API call is also 1 credit and uses a default polling of 30 mins (apmcm.cloudmonitor.folderstats.period = 1800), resulting in 48 checks per day made on a per

     folder basis. Finally, there are 24 API calls made every day to verify Global Parameters( = 3600) using the API commands

     rule_get and cp_list (a free API command).  Using the out of the box configuration, this would give an API credit usage of 2904 +(48 * Number of Folders) API Calls

     per agent process per day. Please note that this number will can vary though with agent restarts and disconnections. 


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     For more information regarding the ASM API, please see:



Release: APMCMB99000-8.3-App Synthetic Monitor-Basic Option