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DQ alternate for NOT EQUAL?


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What are the comparison operator available under Dataquery DQL?



Operator                                  Alternate Entry      Explanation

EQUAL                                     EQ, =                   Select exact value.

NOT EQUAL                              NE, ¬=                 Select all data that is not the exact value.

GREATER THAN                        GT, >                   Select data with higher value.

GREATER THAN OR EQUAL TO   GTE                      Select data of equal or higher value.

LESS THAN                              LT, <                    Select data lower than value.

LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO         LTE                       Select data of equal or lower value.

CONTAINING                           none                      Select data that contains value (you do not need to know position of value within column data).

NOT                                            ¬                      Select all data that is not related as specified (can use before any of the above operators except NOT EQUAL).


Additional information:

See CA Dataquery User Guide for more information on this topic. Pgae 296. or see CA Dataquery Reference Guide. 


Release: DATABB00200-14-Datacom/AD