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domsrvr memory increases until it reaches 2 GB and then crashes, on all Advanced Availability servers including the Standby server. What could cause this? Why is the Standby server affected?


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In an Advanced Availability configuration, the memory for the default domsrvr (Object Manager) process does not stabilize; it continues to grow up to 2 GB and then the process crashes.

This occurs on all of the servers, including the Standby server. 

Steps to Reproduce:

Create a CA Service Desk Manager Web Services application which calls doQuery and does not include a corresponding call to freeListhandles.


Advanced Availability configuration for CA Service Desk Manager 12.9 and above.



The cause of the memory increase and eventual crash of the domsrvr process is the absence of freeListHandles for each and every doQuery web services call.

The effect of the problem is manifested on all Advanced Availability server types, including the Standby server. This is because the caches are automatically synchronized across all servers of all types.



Review the custom web services application code for doQuery() calls that do not have a corresponding freeListHandles() call.

For any doQuery call that does not have a corresponding freeListHandles call, add a call to freeListHandles at the appropriate place in the code.

Note: You may want to consider stopping the use of your custom web services applications in order to rule in or out whether or not your application is a probable root cause of the problem. To do that, you must stop the application from running with all of the different types of Advanced Availability servers in the environment: Background, Standby, and Application.


Additional Information:

The following sources:

doQuery in the Technical Reference Guide for CA Service Desk Manager 12.9

doQuery in the Service Management 14.1 Wiki 


contain the following important statements about the doQuery web services API call:

Important! The object list is stored on the CA SDM server and consumes system resources. The caller is responsible for freeing the list with freeListHandles(). Leaving a list in memory may increase memory for the process beyond the 2GB limit, resulting in memory leaks and can cause system failure.



















Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License