Mirroring and Disaster Recover
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Mirroring and Disaster Recover


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DASD Mirroring for disaster recovery talks about the use of Sync or Async options. Does CA have advice about this for use with CA IDMS backups & recovery?


Release: IDADSO00100-18.5-ADS-for CA-IDMS


Some DASD manufacturers appear to be using these terms to describe different modes of what falls under the category of manual recovery for CA IDMS. The "Sync" version appears to be similar to what we would describe as using hot back-ups and perhaps using a duplex exit to keep a backup version of the system in sync with the production database at all times. Async is more similar to keeping a backup copy of the database in sync with the most recent physical backup taken when all activity against the database had been paused, to provide a clean recovery point. 

The use of these facilities (Sync / ASync) appears to be using DASD-based technology to create backups of the files instead of using the IDMS utilities.

CA has no official opinion on the use of DASD Sync / ASync for recovery. The only methods of backup and recovery for which we can offer support are the approaches using the actual IDMS utilities. So if a site relies on the DASD Sync or ASync backups for Disaster Recovery instead of using the IDMS utilities, and something goes wrong, CA would not be able to help recover from that. The DASD support team would need to provide assistance with that.