Setting up started tasks dependent on CAS9 in OPS/MVS
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Setting up started tasks dependent on CAS9 in OPS/MVS


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


There are some SSM resources/started task that can depend on CAS9 (CAIRIM) to be successfully initialized. 

How to setup these resources/started tasks under SSM to control when they can be started based on a CAS9 (CAIRIM) dependency.


Release: All  
Component: OPS/MVS-Event Management & Automation 


The best approach is to setup CAS9 as a HOOK type resource in SSM.

Then define CAS9 as a prerequisite of the involved started task to start.

The SSMHOOK rule will make sure that the CAS9 procedure has successfully run before SSM starts it's dependent tasks.

Additional Information

More information about how setup SSM HOOK type resources can be found in our documentation at the following link:

How SSMHOOK Controls Quick Work Cycles

A sample of the SSMHOOK rule can be found in the hlq.CCLXRULM rule dataset.

We strongly suggest to review the comments section of this sample rule for further details and complete implementation guidelines for handling HOOK type resources with SSM.

Also, consider installing the following maintenance to assure that CAS9 has successfully run and it has been marked as UP in the STCTBL RDF resource table for the OPSINFO Function only in the below old OPS/MVS Releases:

APAR      Rel    Description              
RO83805   12.3   ADD OPSINFO('CAS9STATUS')
RO83804   12.2   ADD OPSINFO('CAS9STATUS')
RO83761   12.1   ADD OPSINFO('CAS9STATUS')