How to create Attachments using ServiceDesk WebServices CreateAttachment method in SOAPUI?
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How to create Attachments using ServiceDesk WebServices CreateAttachment method in SOAPUI?


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This document explains how user can access CA Service Desk Manager WebService and how to test WebService Method CreateAttachment Using SOAPUI.


CA Service desk Manager 17.x
SOAPUI : 5.1.3


More details on the createAttachment web service method can be located here:

One particular note is located here:


Could not perform the operation, policy limit exceeded

  • Symptom:

When using the createAttachment() web service method to attach a document to an existing request or incident, you receive this error, even when the web services policy setting for attachments is set to -1(unlimited), which is the out-of-the-box default setting. You may receive this error when calling the web service method when there are no attached files in the received SOAP message. You must attach at least one file to the SOAP message before calling the createAttachment() web service method.

  • Solution:

Set your SOAP implementation to support Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME), and attach the file to be uploaded manually using DIME support before calling the createAttachment() method.

You can refer to the examples on how to support DIME from the $NX_ROOT\samples\sdk\websvc\java\test3_attachments directory.

Step 1 : Install SOAP UI from

Step 2 : Launch SOAP UI
             File-> New SOAP Project
             # Project Name: Provide an appropriate project Name    EX: CA SDM
             # Initial  WSDL: Provide correct CA SDM Webservice Path 
             Example :  http://<Primary Server name >:8080/axis/services/USD_R11_WebService?WSDL
             You should be able to find all the available web Service Methods.

Step 3: Select “Login”  Method, this is used to create Session ID
Expand “login”->Request 1->Right Click and select “Show Request Editor”
Provide Appropriate Service Desk Credentials which has access to webservice Methods, Prefer Servicedesk  account.
Submit the request to Generate the Session Code.  Ex: 1843959984

Step 4: Select “CreateAttachment” method to add an attachment to Any Given Ticket.
Expand “CreateAttachment”->Request 1->Right Click and select “Show Request Editor”
Provide these correct Details:
<sid></sid>   -> Provide correct Session Ex: 1843959984
<repositoryHandle> </repositoryHandle>  -> This is Repository Handle, its doc_rep:1002  for ServiceDesk Attachment folder.
<objectHandle> </objectHandle>- > This is Persid of a Ticket, Ex : cr:598580
<description></description> -> You may type an appropriate  description.
 <fileName> </fileName> -> Provide the correct path of file attachment Ex: c:\new.txt

Step 5:  Click on  + icon in the left had bottom corner and select the file which need to be attached.

Step 6: Click on Submit Request Button to Execute “CreateAttachment “ Method.


Attmnt:400105 , Implies an attachment with id 400105 been created and attached to request.

These Above Steps can be used to check if CA SDM webservice methods are available. And this can be accessed on any system which can open CA SDM URL.

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