TDM/ARD: Licensing for 3.1.2 and above has changed


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)



Starting with TDM (Test Data Manager)/ARD (Agile Requirements Designer) version 3.1.2 and continuing with future releases, the licensing has changed from a Component Activation to a Compound License for the TDM product line, while the ARD product is sticking with the Wibu Licensing schema.


Here is the breakdown for the various components:

  • The following components are now under a new licensing schema: All TDM components, except ARD. You will receive a license key in the form of a text file with one line of alphanumeric characters from the CA Licensing team. Copy the contents of that license into the Activation Box when requested to enter the license.  There may be the option to directly read it from the file which you could use instead.
  • The only product that should get a different license key is ARD (25 character key - 5 fields, 5 characters in length, separated by Hyphens for Online licenses.) The license uses the Wibu (CodeMeter) licensing method. There are two methods of obtaining a license:
    • Online activation key, if you have complete access to the internet. (25-character key with 5 fields, 5 characters in length, separated by hyphens.)
    • Offline activation key, to use a file based license activation. (Text file ending in. WibuCmRaC)


ARD and TDM 3.1.2 and above.


New compound licensing schema:

You will find that you may need to enter the license key for TDM into a couple of different modules when they start up for the first time. The TDM license only needs to be installed through Datamaker to update the Repository. Test Data On Demand will check the Repository for the license. There is no need to push the license to end user machines that only use TDoD. If there are several repositories, then again connect Datamaker to every repository to add the license details.

If other components are used like GTSubset, FDM, Javelin, or GTEDI, then a file based license will need to be generated by starting any one of the components. This will ask for the same TDM license string. Once it is successfully entered, it will create a file in C:\ProgramData\CA\TDM called lic.dat (No, it cannot be installed elsewhere as into a different drive, different folder, etc. It is hard coded to be in this folder.) You can copy this file to other systems within your organization into the specified folder (C:\ProgramData\CA\TDM).

Wibu Licensing:

The Wibu licensing is based upon an Internet Server that the ARD product connects to. If this is not possible, then a file based license will have to be requested.

In general, when a new ARD contract goes through CA Licensing, an internet based Online License is generated and emailed to the contact on the order. This is a 25-character key with 5 fields, 5 characters in length, separated by hyphens Online License. In order to utilize this license key, please refer to one of the Knowledge docs or Documentation links below that describe the process to install Online ARD Licenses.

If your organization does not allow direct access to the internet, they you will have to request an Offline ARD license. In order to accomplish this, please refer to one of the Knowledge docs or Documentation links below that describe the process to obtain an Offline ARD license and install it.

Knowledge documents-

Documentation links-

Note: If you have TDM version 3.1.1 and below, the licensing schema has not changed. It is component based licenses. As a result, for every licensed component, you may end up with a separate license key.



Release: TDMTDD99000-3.5-Test Data Manager-for Test Data on Demand