When installing the Cumulative Fix 2 for CA Service Desk Manager r14.1 via common installer, the setupmdb failed to complete
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When installing the Cumulative Fix 2 for CA Service Desk Manager r14.1 via common installer, the setupmdb failed to complete


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Installing the Cumulative Fix 2 Pack (CF2) using the Common Installer on a Service Desk Manager (SDM) running on Oracle, the setupmdb step fails to complete.

The install_hsrvdesk.log file generated by the proceeding shows messages as follows:


12-04,16:45:52 DEBUG - error occurred during batching: ORA-01921: role name 'REGADMIN' conflicts with another user or role name


12-04,16:45:52 INFO - REGADMIN.xml is added to the retry queue.

12-04,16:45:52 INFO - MDBTools_0303I - Processing role: AMS_GROUP.xml timestamp: 2008-04-22T09:17:01+0000

12-04,16:45:52 INFO - MDBTools_0306I - SQL text:


Update sql failed:




The problem is usually seen in environments running SDM with MDB on Oracle.

In this specific case, the problem occurred on SDM 14.1, but may occur to other SDM releases running on Oracle.




  • Before doing any changes do the MDB, a backup should be taken.
  • This solution applies only if you had the binaries installed correctly - steps 1 and 2 of the CF install proceeding.


  1. Verify if there are other roles hitting the same problem in the log. Take notes of each role affected by the same errors.

  2. Next, you should remove all existent roles in the MDB. A DBA should be engaged for this task. 
    Depending on your findings, you may need to have one or more roles removed.
    The list of roles is available in the Additional Information section below.
  3. After you have removed the roles, you need to run setupmdb manually.
  • To get the setupmdb utility, go to: ..\patches\SDM\Binaries.
  • It is recommended that setupmdb be executed on the Oracle box. For this, you should have Java 7 installed.
  • Once you have copied the .ORACLE_MDB.CAZ fileto the correct place, you need to uncompress it.
    E.g.: create a folder named ORACLE, move the .CAZ file to it and in a prompt run: cazipxp -u ORACLE_MDB.CAZ
  • Next, run setupmdb:

Oracle example:


setupmdb -DBVENDOR=oracle -JRE_DIR=C:\PROGRA~2\CA\SC\JRE\1.7.0_10

             -DBNAME=ORCL -DBUSER=sys -DBPASSWORD=sys


             -MDB_ADMIN_PSWD=mdbadmin -DBDRIVER=Service_Desk 



Note #1: 

setupmdb.bat may need to be run by adding the "–DBPORT" option to

provide the correct port number for some SQL server installations

if the default port is changed or a named instance of SQL Server

is used. Run setupmdb.bat -help to list all options.


Note #2: 

A Patch log file created in the same directory that setupmdb.bat 

is invoked.


Note #3: 

There is no uninstall mechanism for this patch. 

 To restore DB to Pre-patch status use the relevant database 

restore utility. Should the patch install fail the transactions 

within the current patch sql script will be rolled back. Patches

containing multiple sql scripts will commit those scripts that

apply successfully. Where a sql script fails within a multi-script

patch that script will be rolled back and patch application

terminated. Scripts already committed will not be rolled back. 



Note #4:   

The folder JRE_DIR=C:\PROGRA~2\CA\SC\JRE\1.7.0_10 may not exist

when the MDB is on a remote standalone database server. 

If it does not exist, please copy the JRE folder we deliver from

the SDM server to the database server before running the setupmdb



Note #5

If JAVA is installed on a 64 bit machine then 1(f) step will be:

setupmdb -DBVENDOR=mssql -JRE_DIR=C:\PROGRA~2\CA\SC\JRE\1.7.0_10…


If JAVA is installed on a 32 bit machine then 1(f) step will be:

setupmdb -DBVENDOR=mssql -JRE_DIR=C:\PROGRA~1\CA\SC\JRE\1.7.0_10…


Note: The above is an example when installed on drive C. If the JRE was installed 

on a drive other than C, please modify accordingly.



Additional Information:

Refer to the file below for the list of Roles which failed to be created:




Release: SDMU0M99000-14.1-Service Desk Manager-Full License


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